Events – Centred Soul


the touch of your words
taste of your voice,
the colours of your aroma
sound of your gaze…
…go on…I’m listening”.


Centred Soul® offers support through new and full moon transmissions, free recordings and live events on Insighttimer.

Artwork by Kamala K Brown

Centred Soul Mini’s

30 mins of free alchemical crystal sound where participants are guided into a deeply relaxed state to release what no longer serves and work with personal intentions.  These sessions are held on Insighttimer which is free app. Please sign up to the app and follow @centredsouluk to be made aware of up coming events.



Artwork by Kamala K Brown

Centred Soul Transmissions

Transmissions are offered around times of Full and New Moons, Equinox and Solstice.  These are powerful times to work with releasing what no longer serves and accessing personal and universal wisdom. They are for you and the earth.

These are live streamed sessions via Zoom. The New/Full Moon sessions are held on the specific day of the moon cycle and are offered as a pair to honour the moon cycle. If you are unable to make the live stream event, a recording will be sent so that you can tailor it into your own and day and rituals. The financial exchange operates are offered on a sliding scale depending on your own circumstances.

13th & 28th January 2021 Cycle  8.30-9.30pm GMT

11th & 27th February  Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

13th & 28th March Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

12th & 27th April Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

11th & 26th May Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

10th and 24th June Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

10th & 24th July Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

8th & 22nd August Cycle (Lions Gate New Moon) 8.30-9.30pm GMT

7th & 21st September Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

6th & 20th October Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

4th & 19th Cycle November Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT

4th and 19th December Cycle 8.30-9.30pm GMT




Workshops offered form part of a series. There is no specific order to experience them and participants are encouraged to attend whichever one they feel drawn to. The focus of each differs with the participant directed to: the human form and the body; the space that contains all physical matter, thoughts, emotions and energy and; the participant as a unique expression in this moment of time. They have been created, and rest on the premise that we are an energy field with a human body existing and connected to a wider network or unified field.



Artwork by Kamala K Brown

The Movement of Sound 

Crystal Flow (Your personal energy field and physical body).

This session weaves together movement and sound through a fluid yin approach.  Ideally participants will have some experience of physical yoga and deep relaxation as the session allows for a personal flow to emerge. The focus is releasing by following the sound and spoken guidance on movement. This is a deeply nourishing session for the body and energy field and allows the mind to bow to the movement of the body. Further information on the workshop is provided on the website of the venue (see link below).

27th February 2-4.30pm 2021 at New Oriel Hall

19th September 2-4.30pm at New Oriel Hall


Artwork by Kamala K Brown

Moving into Stillness

Exploring Meditation Through Movement (Noticing, merging with the space that holds it all).

The focus of this session is to discover deep levels of stillness by experiencing different moving and guided meditations. The session moves between grounded and expanded stillness with a noticing that both exist at the same time, and that everything in creation rests in this scared space.  Further information on the workshop is provided following the booking link)

21st November 2021 – 2-4.30pm at New Oriel Hall, Bath

 29th December 2021 – 2-4.30pm at New Oriel Hall Bath


Artwork by Kamala K Brown

The Wisest Part of You  

Integration of Being (You as a unique expression in this moment of time).

This session rests in the awareness of the heart. It honours physical form through movement and energy practices and a deep recognition of the space that holds it all. With these two ‘knowings’ participants bring their own personal questions to a guided journey to gain wisdom from themselves. This is an opportunity to rest in a deep loving space and a time to work with personal intentions.


31st October 2-4.30pm 2021 at New Oriel Hall, Bath.