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Sound and Visual Transmissions

Every atom within and around us is constantly emitting and absorbing sound which is also know as vibration. The use of sound as a transformational tool, is found in all traditions and religions around the planet whether its vocal or through instruments.

Sound and images can assist transformation in a deep away as we bypass the mind and go directly to the source of change which is pure vibration. It is soul medicine. The frequencies, vibration and held intentions illuminate and clear blockages and guiding you to a deep sense of yourself that cannot be described but felt.

Centred Soul’s sound transmissions are delivered through Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. They are energetic medicine. The held intention of each live moon, bespoke or recorded transmission is to bring you more into alignment with the highest version of yourself. This means: stepping out of fear, noticing and having the awareness and courage to heal your wounds, nourishing yourself and honouring that you are part of the earth and that you are connected to source. 

Sound transmissions also work with your set intentions, which may be a certain situation or phase that you are moving through. Bringing sound transmissions into your journey helps to bring a deep sense of peace and well being, creates clarity, the gaining of new perspectives, shifting heavy or dense energy and to celebrate your journey thus far.

Having deep compassion for your journey brings light into your past experiences and transmutes them into acceptance and the courage to keep evolving into expanded versions of yourself.

what to expect?

During a sound transmission it is common to feel deeply relaxed especially as there are bowls that create a delta wave (deep sleep). The majority of people receive the sound either laying down or sitting in a comfortable position. That said, I have a number of people who listen to the tracks whilst carry out their daily activities. It is common to receive insights on a situation, recall memories, see colours and see images. Physically the body might twitch as energies shift, or you may feel the loving presence of other beings.

Whats the difference between all the sound transmission offered?

To explain the difference I offer an analogy… Ok, think of a meal and the different ways in which it can be offered. Sounds for your medicine bag TM ( recorded tracks) are like buying a pre set meal when you visit a restaurant. They are nourishing, taste good and fill you up. You choose the meal (track) depending on what you feel drawn to.

With a bespoke sound transmission, the focus is on your specific energy field – similar to having a chef come to your home, make a dish specifically for you by knowing what you like and what your body needs. (please note I don’t actually come to your home these are recorded and offered in a quantum space via Zoom – it just helps to explain the analogy!)

A moon transmission is different again,  these are offered as live free (through Insighttimer) and as a recording. See these like having a guest chef visiting the town and offering a special dish at a restaurant for that day.

If you are unsure on what would support your journey Im happy to guide you in a free 15 min consultation that you can book here.

what does it sound like?

Alchemy crystal sound comes in all qualities, tones and frequencies. The bowls I partner with span the energy centres of the body and beyond. Sometimes the sound can be very soft and soothing and at other times it can feel less gentle especially if its being used for clearing or deep healing. When I play, I am guided intuitively reading the individual or collective energy and responding to what is arising in the moment. You can listen to some of my alchemy tracks for free on Insighttimer (Moon Embrace and Compassion to Self are pure alchemy sound).

what is a visual transmission?

A visual transmission like a sound transmission is energetic medicine. The artwork offered through centred soul has been created in ceremony in the sacred space of the Forestside Healing Lodge. Sound forms part of the creation of these images and the shapes and colours that appear invite a deep remembrance of different aspects of yourself. Again, like sound, we are bypassing the mind and people see different things, reflecting very much like a Rorschach ink test, your perception and directing you to your own wisdom.

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