Soul Support – Centred Soul

“Find her below the surface of the rippling mind
watching with compassion
To her, right or wrong are just concepts
so she dances to music the mind can’t hear
Her hand reaches out you to
come flow and play she sings”.

K.K. Brown



Hello,  Im Kamala K Brown

the voice and creator of centred soul.

I’m an empath intuitively weaving my gifts and skills.

I use different ways to help you relax and connect to a deeper sense of yourself.

In this place your healing comes from the wisest part of you – your intuition.

This is wisdom from you as an individual and source.


I work on a subtle level.


I play crystal sound bowls to assist people to shift into a relaxed and meditative state. I guide people so that they can move into this state by themselves. I apply energy  practices for individuals and places so they feel lighter and unstuck. I support individuals to move fluidly and creatively using yoga asana, breathwork, trauma release techniques and somatic movement.


My art compositions are a practice of letting go, as is receiving the words/poems that accompany the images.


Everything that comes through me I see as a centred soul moment.

Every moment in your life, when you notice with awareness is a centred soul moment.


It is a pause to notice what is in front of you, to look in the eyes of your loved one or a stranger, to know your connectedness to nature and others, to notice your breath, to listen to your body wisdom and intuition.

As we live in a paradox, centred soul moments also include forgetting the above.  When we know this at a deep level, we feel the magic of what it is to be human.

You don’t need to understand my offerings from the perspective of the mind – they resonate at a soul level.

Trust your curiosity…take a centred soul moment.




Mary – 55

“Kamala led me through some very deep relaxing guided meditations which really nourished me and helped to discover a freedom inside myself.. She is so lovely and at ease in her ways … very welcoming and 2 words come to mind… love and kindness. Thankyou Kamala”



Natalie – 32

“I absolutely love the sound medicine that Kamala carries. I have experienced both her recorded meditations on Insight timer and a live sound bath over Zoom with her team of crystal singing bowls (I say team because she has 11 of these powerful bowls). She has the beautiful ability to listen deeply to what is needed for the moment and I have been blown away by the ways in which her sound healing sessions have supported my healing. The sound bath session was conducted over Zoom and I was amazed at how powerful the experience was. I have attended many different sound baths in-person and wasn’t expecting to have the same kind of experience but Kamala truly exceeded my expectations. It speaks a lot to her ability to hold space and channel clear, strong, and high vibrational energy when playing her crystal singing bowls. It felt very much like they were showing her how to play in accordance to what my spirit was needing. I was able to reach a place of deep serenity and could feel the energy moving in my body and being cleared. As a deeply sensitive person, it felt so good to be heal in such a safe container and to receive such pure healing. I highly recommend everyone to experience the beautiful healing magic that Kamala holds!”



Dan – 33

“I invested in a one to one beginners meditation course with Kamala after a particularly hard period in my life. I had experimented with my own mediation in the past and had found that useful but felt it was time to learn the practice properly. I found Kamala to be incredibly understanding of where I was, and as such all meditations were appropriate to me, and I felt I got a great deal from them. She encouraged me to practice every day, which I still do, and it has now become an important part of my everyday life. Meditation has allowed me some extra time and space which means I do not react so quickly to stressors and as such, life is flowing more naturally again. I would highly recommend Kamala and her meditation courses to anyone looking to try meditation as a means of creating stillness in our constantly hectic and busy human lives.”



Real – 67

“I have been practicing yoga for more than 30 years in France, England and in Canada with 5 to 10 different teachers. I finally started meditation training two months ago. A few sessions together with Kamala were enough to set me on my own route to meditation. I now enjoy meditating regularly 15 minutes or more in the morning and before going to bed. I am on the development trail and although I did not have any precise objectives, improvements have been felt right from the beginning. All benefits include: I dream much more, I have more energy ( sometimes a bit too much during the first weeks), sleep has improved and I feel good. Kamala, thank you very much to have catalysed this personal development process. In addition, I was a real pleasure to meditate with you. We will keep in touch.”



Ruby – 27

“Me and my husband and son have worked with Kamala over the past year. We have gone to many sound sessions which Kamala creates a cocoon of relaxation and holds space for you to rest and restore. I personally find the sessions to help with my meditation, inner tranquility and understanding.  I have reccomended friends of mine to try the sessions as I believe they are a welcome antidote to some of the stresses of modern living and allow us to reconnect. Kamala has an effortless calm that means we can always open up be our true selves.  We started sound healing for our son doing 1-1 sessions and we find he can get to a deeper state of relaxation than he normally finds possible and often sleeps better after.  The group workshops are a real treat and encorperate many of Kay’s talents including some very yummy cooking.  I really couldn’t recommend Kay any more highly. She is a wonderful teacher, healer and now friend”.



Denise – 53

“I have been attending Kamala’s guided meditation/sound healing group for the last year. In my opinion it is a wonderfully relaxing, calming and healing experience. When i walk through the door to attend a group i immediately feel calmer, The atmosphere is very nurturing and Kamala so welcoming. I leave feeling a much better rounded person. Thank you for all you do Kamala “


Ben – 32

“I’ve recent’y moved away so have stopped going to Kamala’s classes. I miss them.

It was yoga from the heart. It didn’t follow a strict plan the way some classes do, but changed according to who was in the class, and the energy in the room that evening. It was flexable, and there was always freedom to adapt it to whatever felt right for your body.

I remember with fondness, a phrase she used many times, ‘Imagine what it would be like, if you just let go’. I feel it soften me as I write this”.