Services – Centred Soul

Like a raindrop
finding it’s way back to the ocean
my path is crooked
it is the straightest route

Your journey as a centred soul will not look the same as anyone else’s – its not supposed to. Move with what you are drawn to not the latest trend or the loudest voice. Trust that your path will have highs and lows, that is the Hero’s Journey.

If you are here then something might resonate or will help you move in the right direction.  Support I provide is listed below together with more practical sessions where you can ask questions on meditation, intuitive energy healing, working with crystals, sound and how to navigate the practical world after awakening to wider perception of reality.

All services are by donation. My system suggests amounts that are there for you to assess against your own your personal circumstances and finances. If the suggested amounts do not meet you where you are, please press “Other”  – here you can select a donation that meets your circumstances and honours my offerings.

Please note that offerings will resume in the third week of April by Zoom and limited one to one sessions.


Individual Energy Clearing and Balancing. Personal sessions are supported by alchemical sound and aim to clear stuck or dense energy together with balancing of the whole system on a physical, emotional and mental level of being.  Treatments are deeply relaxing and nurturing especially during difficult life circumstances such as illness and stress.


Physical Space and Land Energy Clearing and Balancing.  Similar to individual clearing and balancing this service is aimed at physical spaces, homes, offices, and buildings. When energy within a physical space is cleared and balanced the result is a healthier atmosphere that also effects the inhabitants of the space.


Energetic Boundaries (Mentoring for therapists and aspiring energy workers). An understanding that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies is key for an individual approaching their work and ensuring personal energy hygiene is in place. This is especially for therapists and body workers. Here guidance, support and advice is provided. Mentoring is also offered to aspiring energy workers looking to expand knowledge and those considering embarking on training that personally resonates.

Please get in touch to discuss any of the individual services above or to create a bespoke package.