Triarii Characters


6 x 28mm highly detailed Triarii standing at ease (2 of each pose shown) – perfect for lining up behind our kneeling plastic Triarii

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The Triarii were the veterans of the Legion – older men, seasoned in battle over many campaigns. They would have taken a ‘posterior’ position in the Triplex Acies, lining up behind the Principes and forming the army reserve. Although we are told the Triarii typically kneeled when not in combat, probably not all of their ranks would have done so, with some standing behind their kneeling comrades. These guys represent such troops – standing ready and relaxed, confident in the knowledge that it will be a very bad day for Rome indeed if they need to get involved in the fray!

Rome would always require its Latin Allies to provide as many troops per Legion as she did (if not more). Most of these allies would have looked and fought just like their Roman masters. However, the pick of these allied troops, about 20% of them in all, would be brigaded separately in a unit called the ‘Extraordinarii’, acting as the personal bodyguard of the Consul in command. These troops may have been wealthier, more experienced, or both! The figures in this pack have been designed with more ‘Italian’ dress, such as lamellar or scale armour and breastplate, as well as Latin style helmets. In this way they can form an elite core of Latin Extraordinarii, ready to do your Consul’s bidding! You could also mix them with your Principes as earlier, unreformed second line troops, still using the “hasta’ spear.

This set comprises of 6 highly detailed, metal 28mm figures (2 of each pose shown). Set comes complete with metal shields.


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