Roman Stone Throwers


6 x 28mm metal Stone Throwers

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All ancient armies had their hangers on, the Romans not least. Most of these Camp Followers and locals rounded up by the passing Legions would have been merchants and booty hunters, but the most able of them could well find themselves pressed in to service as light infantry. The least able or the very poorest might find themselves thrown out in front of the army to try and disrupt the enemy, relying on the most simple and common of weapons, the humble stone.

While rarely given any coverage in the ancient texts, the throwing of stones could be very effective as a means of attack – Mardonius, the Persian General at the Battle of Platea against the combined forces of Greece, was struck in the head and killed by a thrown stone.

These troops can be used on their own or combined with our Etruscan Slingers to provide a screen of skirmishers, ready to pelt the enemy with rocks and prepare the way for the clash of the Legions!



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