Phalangites in Kothybos


6 x 28mm metal Phalangites of Philip V, including separate shields and heads. Assembly required

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By the time of the 2nd Punic War, Macedonian power had begun to wane after decades of fighting between the Diadochoi and dynastic in-fighting amongst the Antigonids. Philip, when he came to the throne, was an able King and slowly rebuilt Macedonian power in the Mediterranean, all the while keeping a weather-eye on the growing influence of Rome. When it looked like Hannibal might defeat Rome, Philip was quick to sign an alliance with Hannibal to the extent that Philip promised to invade mainland Italy. The invasion never occurred as Philip’s messengers to Hannibal were captured by the Romans and the plans revealed, and Philip was ultimately to pay for his opportunism, with Rome waging 2 wars against him resulting in his defeat at the Battle of Kynoskephelai.

The evolution of the Phalangite during Philip’s reign is murky and unclear, but several inscriptions survive which relate the fines payable by soldiers for the loss of pieces of equipment – shields, greaves, helmets and something called a ‘kothybos’ which is likely to be some form of body armour. As to what the Kothybos actually is, no one is quite sure, although I have followed the line taken by Luke Ueda-Sarson and others in thinking it was probably a quilted jerkin, similar to that potentially worn by Iphicratean Hoplites. The helmets we have depicted are Konos types shown on coins of the period.

This pack contains 6 phalangites in standing pose, complete with shields and separate heads (3 different types). You will need to provide your own sarissai. Supplied unpainted, unassembled and unbased


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