6 X 28mm metal figures (2 each of 3 poses). Supplied unassembled and unpainted. You will need to supply your own wire spears

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In Silius Italicus’s epic poem ‘Punica’, there is a section (III 254-280) that lists the tribes of Africa that supplied men to Hannibal’s Campaign against Rome. One of these tribes is the Nubae. Silius describes them thus: ‘The Ethiopians came, a race the Nile knows well…Together with them came the burnt-up Nubae, whose bodies show the fierce heat of the Sun; they wear no helmet of brass or cuirass of steel;…It is their custom to protect their heads with many folds of linen, and with linen to cover their bodies, and to throw javelins steeped in noxious juices..’

As to whether Ethiopians and Nubians genuinely did join Hannibal’s expedition we really can’t say, and Silius may be naming all manner of African peoples in order to make his point that Hannibal gathered a great and varied host to attack Rome. There are no pictorial representations of such African tribesmen as I can find, but we can approximate how, if the Nubians did follow Hannibal, they they may have looked – at least while in Africa or Spain.

This set contains 6 x 28mm metal figures, complete with shields. You will need to provide your own wire spears / javelins.


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