Maniple Command


3 x 28mm metal Command figures complete with Clipeus and Scutum shield for the Centurion / Tubacine player, and Vexillum for the Standard Bearer

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The Roman Century was the smallest fighting unit within the Legion, comprised of about 80 men. It was commanded by a Centurion. Two Centuries made a ‘Maniple’ (literally ‘handful’), the smallest tactical unit within the army, with a ‘Prior’ or senior Centurion and a ‘Posterior’ or secondary Centurion.

It is not known for sure whether the early Maniples had standards and musicians – if they did, it was possibly during the Punic Wars that such command and control features were introduced as the Legions were levied in greater numbers and remained in the field for longer.

This pack includes a ‘Primus Pilus’ (literally ‘first javelin’) who would have been the senior Centurion of the Legion, denoted by his expensive Bronze Cuirass, ‘Clipeus’ shield and transverse helmet crest. The pack also includes a standard bearer clad in a wolf pelt carrying a Vexillum, and a trumpet player to sound and relay commands. The early Legion may not have adopted the iconic Cornicern at this point in time (although something similar was used by the Etruscans).

Pack contains 3 figures complete with Hoplon / Aspis shield for the Centurion. You can also purchase a separate pack of our Legionary Standards to complement the standard bearer and provide individual unit totems. Supplied unpainted and unbased. Some assembly required


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