4 x 28mm Roman Lictors

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The Lictors were bodyguards who were attached to senior magistrates of the Roman Republic (those that held Imperium, typically the Consuls but also Praetors and Dictators). The Consuls would have had 12 Lictors each.

The Lictors were traditionally drawn from the Plebs, but Centurions were automatically eligible to become Lictors due to their proven discipline and bravery and the requirement for Lictors to be physically imposing and strongly built. The Lictors carried the fasciae, an axe surrounded by a bundle of rods symbolising the magistrate’s ability to administer punishment up to and including death (the axe) and the unbreakable will of the Republic (the bundle of rods). They would accompany the Consul everywhere – including onto the battlefield! Our Lictors, sculpted by Matt Bickley, reflect this heritage in their flinty and uncompromising glare!

This set comprises 4 lictors in 2 poses to accompany your Consul or Etruscan King into the field. Supplied unpainted and unbased.


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