Liby-Phoenician Spearmen with Thureos


4 x 28mm metal Libyans complete with Thureos shields @ £6

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The Carthaginians had relatively large numbers of Libyans serving in their armies during the Punic Wars, although it is unclear whether they served as subject allies, or as mercenaries. They seem to have been equipped in typical late Hellenistic style, probably by the Carthaginian state; The Chemtou relief showing Linothorax armour, large aspis type shields as well as Thureos, and a coin from Spain struck by Hamilcar Barca around 237 BC showing the Macedonian style low crested helmet.

Hannibal re-equipped his Libyan (i.e. North African) troops with captured Roman equipment following his victories in Italy. These figures can be used as 1st Punic War or early 2nd Punic War troops. You can also mix them with our ‘Hannibal’s African Veterans’ box set, to represent those veterans who did not wear captured Roman arms (whether by choice or not!) for greater variety in your armies.

This pack contains 4 metal figures complete with Thureos shields. You will need to supply your own wire spears (or use the spare pilums from our box sets)


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