Legate & Tribunes


3 x 28mm metal Senior Roman Commanders (1 x Legate, 2 x Tribunes)

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Each Legion of the Roman Army would have been directly commanded by a Legatus, a Senior Official of Senatorial rank typically with previous military experience or command. The Legatus would report directly to the Consul in command of one half of the Army, composed of 1 Legion and 1 Ala of allies (so a full Consular Army would have 2 Consuls, 4 Legates commanding 2 Legions and 2 Alae). Beneath the Legatus there would have been a number of Tribunes, elected young officials with aspirations to climb the Cursus Honorum, the numbers of whom varied over the period of the Republic but was typically 6 during the 2nd Punic War.

As wealthy patricians (even the Tribunes of the Plebs had to get elected which would require resources beyond the ordinary) they would have armed themselves, with Hellenic influences being strongly felt.

This set of senior commanders represent a Legatus in his Senatorial Cloak, along with 2 Tribunes, one in crested Montefortino helmet and expensive plate armour as befits his rank, along with a more Etruscan influenced Tribune (possibly a Tribune of the Plebs) in less expensive Subermalis type armour. These figures can be added to our Mounted Consul set to lead your mighty Legions into battle against the barbarian foe. Roma Victrix!

Figures supplied unpainted and unbased. Some assembly required.


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