1 x Haruspex set comprised of a Priest, Attendant, alter and sacred fire. All 28mm in metal

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The Ancient Romans were highly religious, setting great faith in omens and signs. In order to read the future, the Romans (and Etruscans before them) practised animal sacrifice, with a ‘Haruspex’ or specially trained priest removing the organs of a ritually purified and sacred animal to read the portents. The sacrificial animal could be anything readily to hand, such as a pig or typically a sheep – however, to discern the outcome of a major expedition, undertaking or event, a bull would have been used (or a combination of pig, sheep and bull). Some sacred events resulted in dozens of animals being sacrificed – several Roman magistrates are recorded as financing a Hetacomb, the term for sacrificing 100 Bulls!!

This set is comprised of the Haruspex himself, clothed in sacred Toga with his head covered (as shown on multiple statues from the Republic and Principate) and attendant, standing ready to collect the animal’s viscera for the priest to read, as well as the sacrificial alter and sacred fire over which the organs would be burned once read, sending them up to the Gods as an thanks offering. This set makes a very nice vignette for your table top games, and / or an unusual command stand or camp piece for your ‘To The Strongest!’ ‘Mortal Gods’ or ‘Clash of Spears!’ games

Figures are supplied unpainted and unbased. Some assembly required.


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