Gallic Command


3 x 28mm metal Gauls, 1 x Chief on shield and 2 shield bearers. Requires assembly.



The Gauls were a warlike collection of tribes that spanned most of the continent of Europe, from Britain in the far West to Thrace and into Anatolia in the East. More a collection of culturally similar peoples than a single race, they were to prove a thorn in the side of the emerging might of Rome. As such, they were mercilessly attacked and hounded by Rome’s Legions.

As the Gauls left no written language, we have to rely heavily on what the Romans tell us about them (which isn’t much!) Whether the Gauls actually carried their Chieftains on shields in this manner is not known for sure – however, growing up with Asterix as a firm bedtime favourite I just really wanted to make a more table-top version of the great Vitalstatistix! Just pray the sky does not fall on your heads…

Requires assembly. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Some modelling skill recommended.


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