Etruscan Class IV Warriors


6 x 28 metal figures, complete with Thureos shields.

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The Class IV warriors of Etruscan Society we think would have been made up of those farmers who owed some form of military service to their lord in return for their land. Typically they would have been lightly armed, and would have naturally made up the majority of the Etruscan army (although they may have been of little real military value). Certainly they don’t figure in accounts of Etruscan Battles, which may confirm this or just go to show in how little regard the Elites held them in!

There is also a theory that Etruscan Nobles, in opposition to their later Roman counterparts, may have armed their retainers at their own expense; the idea being that a well turned out and armed retinue of retainers would reflect well on the wealth and station of their lord.

Whatever the reality, these figures are an essential part of any Etruscan Army. Armed with javelins and Thureos shields, they form the bulk of an Etruscan field force. These figures can also be used to represent lightly armed Roman Hastati or Accensi, being dressed in only tunic, helmet and shield.

6 x 28 metal figures, complete with Thureos shields. You will need to supply your own wire spears.


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