Etruscan Class I Warriors in Linothorax


6 x 28mm metal figures, including Aspis shields. Unassembled, unpainted and unbased.

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The mark of Elitism in late Etruscan society was to look Hellenic; all things Greek were perceived to be the mark of civilisation and sophistication, and was designed to mark the upper echelons of society out from the non-Hellenic Italian majority. This Hellenism extended particularly to Etruscan arms and armour, with warriors cultivating the classic Greek Hoplite look with a certain Italic twist.

These figures represent the Elite warriors of Etruscan Society in Hellenic style Linothorax, but showing their own Italian influences; metal reinforced linothorax, including scale inserts, Montefortino helmets, as well as classic Attic and Corinthian.

6 metal 28mm figures, complete with Aspis shields. Supplied unassembled, unpainted and unbased. You will need to supply your own wire spears



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