Etruscan Class I Warriors in Lamellar


6 x 28mm metal miniatures, including shields. Unassembled, unpainted and unbased.

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These Warriors would be the Elite of Etruscan Society – rather than being overtly Hellenic in appearance however, many images of Etruscans from this period show Lamellar Armour rather than plate or Linothorax (see the Mars of Todi statue). This unique looking armour seems to have been shunned by other Italic peoples (including the Romans) – maybe it was thought of as to Eastern and therefore decadent? Whatever the reasoning behind it, Lamellar armour was intricate, expensive and therefore highly sought after.

These warriors would form the Core of the Etruscan Army, with their familial and Household troops forming around them in a phalanx formation to drive their foes from the field.

6 metal 28mm figures, complete with Aspis shields. Supplied unassembled, unpainted and unbased. You will need to supply your own wire spears.


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