Etruscan Augurs


2 x 28mm figures. Supplied unpainted and unbased.

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The Etruscans were extremely religious people, looking for Omens and portents in all aspects of their daily lives. One method of divining the will of the Gods was ‘Augury’ or watching the motion of birds across the sky. The Etruscan practice of Augury was highly complex, with messages being conveyed to the Augur via the type of bird, its actions and its position in the sky. Augurs would carefully watch what would happen, and then convey the meaning to their Lords and masters. Etruscan Augury was so highly thought of that it remained in practice well into the Roman Empire, where Etruscan Augurs would be employed by Emperors to divine the will of the fickle Gods.

This set contains 2 Augurs in the act of watching the flights of Birds, ready to read the future. No Etruscan Army would march to War without the Augurs to help them! 2 x 28mm figures. Supplied unpainted and unbased.



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