Elephant Victim


1 x 28mm metal elephant victim, to be used in conjunction with ELLYRES 1 (or 2/3/4, with some modelling) Requires assembly. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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This model is designed to be used in conjunction with our Bare-back Resin Elephant (ELLYRES 1) but can be used with any of them with a little cutting and gluing. The figure represents an unfortunate warrior being grasped by an elephant’s trunk and crushed – the victim has been sculpted in a tunic and is bare headed, so that he can represent a multitude of troop types and enemies of Carthage. This model is designed to replace the trunk of ELLYRES 1 and to be fixed in place of the trunk included with that model. Does not include elephant or mahout.

Sculpted by Gary Morley


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