Consul on Foot


1 x 28mm metal Roman Consul on foot

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Each year, the Romans would elect 2 Senior Magistrates or ‘Consuls’ to oversee the running of the State. The position of Consul would grant the holder ‘Imperium’ – the power to wage war in the name of the Roman people, something the Consuls did almost constantly. Each Consul would be put in command of a Legion and attached Ala (Allies), and could either take the field on their own, or combine their Legions and allies to form a full field army (with Command alternating between the 2, an aspect ruthlessly exploited by Hannibal to devastating effect).

This is a single Roman Consul on foot, resplendent in muscled cuirass and cloak. He can be used to act as a single Hero figure in your skirmish wargames, or as a leader of your larger Roman table-top Army. He is also perfect to add to our Haruspex set, overseeing the Omens in order to know whether the Gods will favour his ‘Virtus’ and grant victory and Glory!

Figures is unpainted and un-based


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