4 x 28mm metal Libyan warriors

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The Adyrmachidae are referred to by Silius Italicus in his epic poem ‘Punica’ as one of the many tribes of Libya that accompanied Hannibal in his Italian Campaign. They are described as carrying a buckler, and wearing a single greave on their left leg (in the Roman manner). Silius Italicus is not always regarded as being historically accurate, but after the many defeats suffered by the Romans, and Polybius’ references to Hannibal re-arming his troops with Roman kit, it seems likely that pieces of armour would have made their way on to the lighter troops of his army as well as the heavier Liby-Phoenicians.

The Libyans are also described by Polybius as having distinctive haircuts; shaved both sides, shaved one side, shaved at the front, and shaved at the back. We have opted for the shaved both sides (‘Mowhawk style’) haircut.

This set is comprised of 4 veteran Libyan light infantry, complete with bucklers. You will need to provide your own wire spears. Supplied unpainted and unbased.


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