moon phases – Centred Soul

Peak points in the luna cycle are provided below. These are powerful portals to set intentions and release what no longer serves.

You can click on them to sign up to forthcoming moon transmissions and I also offer access to a recording of the last moon phase to occur. Live stream and in person sessions are accessed by clicking here.


Unlike sunset and sunrise all Moon phases occur at the same point in time wherever you are in the world. The times provided below are GMT so please check your date/time difference here if you are not in the UK time zone.



2021 Moon, Lions Gate and Samhain 


May 11th 6.59pm– Taurus NEW Moon

May 26th – Sagittarius FULL Moon 11.14am & LUNAR ECLIPSE 11.19 am.

June 10th – Gemini NEW Moon 10.52am & SOLAR ECLIPSE 10.43am 

June 24th Capricorn 6.39pm FULL Moon 

July 10th – Cancer 01.16am NEW Moon

RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE July 24th – Aquarius 03.37am FULL Moon 

August 8th – Leo 2.50pm NEW Moon & Lions Gate Portal 

August 22nd – Aquarius 1.02pm FULL Moon

September 7th – Virgo 1.52am NEW Moon

September 21st Pisces 12.54am FULL Moon

October 6th – Libra 12.05pm NEW Moon

October 20th – Aries 02.56pm FULL Moon

31st October – Samhain

November 4th – Scorpio  09.14pm NEW Moon

November 19th – Taurus FULL Moon 08.59am & LUNAR ECLIPSE 09.04am

December 4th – Sagittarius NEW Moon 07.44am & SOLAR ECLIPSE 07.34am 

December 19th – Gemini 04.37am FULL Moon 

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