Meditation Coaching – Centred Soul

There is so much information available on meditation that its easy to find yourself questioning “what is the difference between the styles? and what would actually work for me?”  There are also a number of limits that we can place on ourselves and questions to put to bed before actually settling down to enjoy a practice…yes we used the word enjoy.

The benefits of meditation are so profound that it should be be up there next to brushing your teeth or exercising ..but somehow it can feel very difficult to start something that is in fact very simple.

Centred Soul offers one to one coaching as tailored support to firmly ground a practice. Questions and obstacles can be explored, with support offered in daily or weekly check in meetings (in person or via Zoom or Skype) or via email.

The aim of one to one coaching is to: establish a foundational practice that resonates with the individual; and a grounded feeling of confidence in approaching and continuing a meditation practice.

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“I recently invested in a one to one beginners meditation course with Kamala after a particularly hard period in my life. I had experimented with my own mediation in the past and had found that useful but felt it was time to learn the practice properly.

I found Kamala to be incredibly understanding of where I was, and as such all meditations were appropriate to me, and I felt I got a great deal from them. She encouraged me to practice every day, which I still do, and it has now become an important part of my everyday life. Meditation has allowed me some extra time and space which means I do not react so quickly to stressors and as such, life is flowing more naturally again. I would highly recommend Kamala and her meditation courses to anyone looking to try meditation as a means of creating stillness in our constantly hectic and busy human lives.” Dan 33


I have been practicing yoga for more than 30 years in France, England and in Canada with 5 to 10 different teachers. I finally started meditation training two months ago. A few sessions together with Kamala were enough to set me on my own route to meditation. I now enjoy meditating regularly 15 minutes or more in the morning and before going to bed. I am on the development trail and although I did not have any precise objectives, improvements have been felt right from the beginning. All benefits include: I dream much more, I have more energy ( sometimes a bit too much during the first weeks), sleep has improved a bit and I feel good. Kamala, thank you very much to have catalysed this personal development process. In addition, I was a real pleasure to meditate with you. We will keep in touch.” Real 67


“After only 5 hours with Centred Soul on a one to one guided meditation course, I have now established a daily meditation routine which has revolutionised my life. I now start each day with a much more positive attitude, and a realisation of the present, without any of the normal anxieties. Thank you Kamala, for teaching me life enhancing techniques and a way forward into mindfulness.” Margret 65