Donate – Centred Soul


Creating centred soul has been an amazing journey and Im so grateful to be part of it. It continues to grow at it own pace. I’ve found that people sometimes like to forward on links of moon transmissions or like to access live recordings that they’ve missed. If you have accessed or received a free recording and feel like making a donation you can do so by clicking here. I hope it has been supportive.

Your donation also supports 8 Billion Trees, the World Land Trust and Green Peace. Centred Soul donates to these on a monthly basis and its worth checking out their details and the work they do – there are links a the bottom of the homepage.

Please note that there is no ‘right’ figure to donate. (Although a minimum donation of 50p is required to cover the cost of the platform).
Just figure out where you are with your own personal circumstances and go with what feels right.  

If you feel called to, please do let others know about centred soul’s sound transmissions.
With gratitude Kamala

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